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Lesson 5 - The Rights of Individuals With A Guardian

The Rights of Individuals WIth A Guardian
In this 15-minute training we take on an extraordinarily important topic in the world of guardianship for adults. What are the legal rights of this human being who the probate and family court has placed under your guardianship? And, how do we, as guardians, protect and advocate for the people whose lives have been entrusted to our decision-making?
First, we look at the Massachusetts Law that defines the legal rights of individuals with a guardian. You will learn a bit of history about the campaign to protect human rights for people with incapacities and how it resulted in a protective law.
Second, we will break down eight specific categories of rights that will help you more fully understand what you are responsible for supporting.
Third, you will hear from two individuals under guardianship. Their case stories will bring to life the eight categories of human rights.
At the end of this training, you will be able to explain how successful guardians act to ensure the legal rights of their clients.
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