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Tackling the Transition to Adulthood Video

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The Center's Executive Director, Heather Connors, Ph.D. is joined by guest speakers Judith Doherty, M.Ed, Autism Service & ASD Coordinator, DDS Metro-North, and Catherine Boyle, President, Autism Housing Pathways to discuss the challenges for those whose family members or loved ones with developmental or intellectual disabilities are transitioning into adulthood.

Growing up is challenging for everyone. Families caring for loved ones with developmental or intellectual disabilities find this transition period especially difficult. Services end and a whole new set of standards need to be considered.
In this live, instructor-led training, you will learn the answers to these key questions, and more:

o What educational services are best for your loved one’s continued development?
o How do you apply for housing subsidies, if needed?
o When do you begin applying?
o Whose support do you need?
o Are there legal or financial considerations that should be addressed right now?
o What actions should you take immediately, and what are the consequences if you miss something?
o What are the rules around guardianship, and do any of them apply to your family?

Continuing Education: This is a non-credit course.

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