Webinar: Pre-Recorded

AWG Series: Pathway to Restoration

For Adults With Guardians. First in our training series for people who have guardians or conservators, this video tells the story of Mr. Ellis Collins, Jr. a man with a guardian for 6 years. It explains what Adults with Guardians need to know about contacting their judge and requesting the guardianship be modified or ended.

Learn about:
• 8 categories of legal rights that you, the Adult with a Guardian, retain even during the guardianship.
• Changes or situations that may exist in your life and can be good reasons for your guardianship to be
reconsidered by the court.
• The 6-step "To-Do List" for becoming your own advocate and convincing the judge to grant you a

This 15-minute video training offers 4 downloadable documents you can save or print as reminders of actions you can take when you are ready.
Any attached content or information will be available here.
  • AWG Series - Pathway to Restoration.mp4
  • AWG Restoration 8 Categories of Rights.pdf
  • AWG Restoration 6 Actions to Take.pdf
  • AWG Restoration Sample Letter to Judge.pdf
  • AWG Restoration Worksheet Form - Questions to Ask Yourself.pdf
Completion rules
  • Courses are completed when you have opened and worked through every attached document, video or exam. The system will mark your course as "completed." Then, any certificate you earned will become available in your Certifications Tab within an hour. If you have questions or concerns, please contact jessica@guardianshipcenter.org.