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6 Ways to Be A Great Conservator Recording

Recorded live event from Wednesday, July 26, 2023. Before taking the course, we recommend that you download the resources and participant guide.

Learn what is a Conservator and what makes for a successful, ethical, and productive conservatorship. In this training, you will learn 6 actions great conservators take to meet the individual needs of their clients or loved ones. Two very different conservatorship stories show the practical application of the 6 actions and the challenging decisions conservators must make.
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  • Recording
  • 6 Ways to Be A Great Conservator Recording
  • Job Aids
  • 6 Ways to Be a Great Conservator Participant Guide.pdf
  • 10 Tasks for Conservators Infographic.pdf
  • Conservators Form 1 - Data Sheet.pdf
  • Conservators Form 2 - Person Centered Approach.pdf
  • Conservators Form 3 - Contact Notes.pdf
  • NGA 25 standards card.pdf
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